2017: A Year in Review


As we enter 2018, SJGI is providing an overview of what we have accomplished as an organization working with referring physicians and health plans to provide excellent and comprehensive GI and liver care for our patients and the community.

SJGI had almost 15,000 visits with 7,882 new patients and 7,043 follow-up visits in 2017 and is proud to be one of the most active hepatitis B and C clinics in Santa Clara County.

1297 hepatitis B patients are now actively on long-term treatment. 147 hep C patients were treated with the new direct-acting antivirals, with 98% achieving a sustained virological response (SVR). Although these patients should still be monitored since even after an SVR other liver issues such as fatty liver may still be present (even in patients with normal enzymes!) the SVR means that they now have a substantially reduced risk for liver cancer and liver failure.

Liver cancer is one of the top GI cancers we see at SJGI, with a total of 40 cases in 2017. These patients were presented at the Liver Tumor Board and were treated with the newest treatments including RFA, embolization, resection and liver transplant.

As liver cancer is so prevalent in our community, SJGI has created its own HCC surveillance program. Our radiologists and techs focus on surveillance for liver cancer. A significant number of liver tumors were detected at small sizes, less than 1-2cm, greatly improving the chance for effective treatment. SJGI performed 2400 abdominal and liver ultrasounds last year.

SJGI performed a large volume of GI procedures, including 6,047 colonoscopies, with the majority done for colon cancer screening. SJGI colon adenomatous polyp detection rates are 45% vs. the national benchmark of 25%. Within these cases, there were 48 colorectal cancers diagnosed, which approximates to 8 in every 1000 individuals.

We are tremendously proud of the work achieved this past year and it wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing staff. On behalf of the SJGI family, we hope you had a healthy and happy holiday!


My Nguyen, PA-C

Introducing one of SJGI's treasures-- My Nguyen, PA-C, MPH, MMS

In 2001, My joined SJGI as a medical assistant and research coordinator. She was involved in many clinical trials, including pharmaceutical-sponsored and investigator-initiated studies for the treatment of hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and liver cancer. Some of these studies contributed to FDA-approval of oral antiviral medication.

My then took a break from SJGI to pursue a Physician Assistant degree, graduating top of her class from Stanford School of Medicine in 2017. She has been working at SJGI as a PA ever since and is passionate about serving the community, with a focus on liver disease and cancer.

My will see patients prior to colonoscopy to help facilitate and expedite the process of colon cancer screening and prevention. My will also focus on patients with chronic liver disease. All of our patients are presented to and personally seen by the GI attendings. Furthermore, she also participates in the monthly San Jose liver tumor board to help coordinate patient care.

In her free time, My is an active member of the Catholic English-Vietnamese community. She is the piano accompanist for multiple choirs in San Jose and also assists in leading the choir.

We are delighted to have My as one of our dedicated providers. She is an incredible asset to our comprehensive SJGI team.


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