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Minimally Invasive Gastroenterology Monitoring

If you have been experiencing certain stomach symptoms, you may have been referred to San Jose Gastroenterology for a Bravo pH study. A Bravo pH test is a minimally invasive test that can help diagnose gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), or heartburn. Data is collected over 48 hours. This allows the gastroenterologist to provide an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan.

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How the Bravo pH Test Works

Unlike other tests, the Bravo test can be considered minimally invasive and allows for continual monitoring over the course of one to two days.

The Bravo pH test may include:

  • Having your doctor place a small capsule into your esophagus. This procedure is done quickly and in-office.
  • The capsule uses suction to draw a small area of tissue into the system.
  • The Bravo test then begins transmitting wirelessly to a wearable belt that acts as a receiver for all information that the capsule is collecting.
  • The wearable receiver is worn around the waist throughout the course of the testing.
  • Please ensure you record all food and water intake and any discomfort.

After the test is completed, you will return back to the office and the information stored in the receiver and your food journal will be recorded by our skilled San Jose gastroenterologists. The monitor itself will detach and pass naturally, and you will receive results directly from your doctor.

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If you have been experiencing discomfort due to symptoms of GERD or acid reflux, do not hesitate to contact San Jose Gastroenterology and schedule an appointment with a trusted San Jose gastroenterology doctor from our staff. You can learn about our doctors here.

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