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Capsule Endoscopy: Evaluating Your Digestive Tract with a Simple Pill!

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Have you been told that you may need an endoscopy? There may be a minimally invasive option for you. At San Jose Gastroenterology, our San Jose gastroenterologists offer Small Bowel Capsule Endoscopy. Most commonly, this procedure is used to identify the cause of gastrointestinal bleeding.

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Capsule endoscopyWhy Choose a San Jose Capsule Endoscopy?

Unlike traditional endoscopy, capsule endoscopies are exactly as they sound, a capsule! The capsule is easily swallowed because it is the size of a traditional pill. The capsule contains a small camera that provides a feed to your San Jose gastroenterology doctor and may provide a diagnosis for the issues you may be having in your digestive tract.

The capsule endoscopy procedure includes:

  • Swallowing a small video capsule at the doctor’s office. The video will have a light and be able to transmit to a recorder that is worn around your waist.
  • Images will be taken periodically for your doctor to review your stomach and small intestine.
  • After the test is completed, the capsule will pass naturally.

At San Jose Gastroenterology, we work hard to ensure that our patients feel educated and aware of the test that they are undergoing, and that they are confident in our ability to care for them. While capsule endoscopy procedures are convenient, they may not work for everyone. You should avoid capsule endoscopies if you have a pacemaker or implant that has magnetic or electronic pulses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for a capsule endoscopy?

Before undergoing a capsule endoscopy, your gastroenterologist will provide you with specific instructions to prepare for the procedure. This typically includes fasting for a certain period, usually overnight, to ensure optimal visualization of the small intestine. You may also need to temporarily stop certain medications or supplements.

Can I eat or drink during a capsule endoscopy?

During the capsule endoscopy procedure, you'll typically be asked to avoid eating or drinking for a specified period, usually before and after swallowing the capsule. Following your gastroenterologist's instructions regarding fasting is important to ensure clear imaging of the small intestine.

How are the images from the capsule endoscopy interpreted?

After the capsule endoscopy is completed and the capsule is expelled from your body, the recorded images are reviewed by a gastroenterologist at San Jose Gastroenterology. Advanced software is used to analyze the images and identify any abnormalities or areas of concern.

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