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At San Jose Gastroenterology, we are proud to have 12 years of in-depth experience with providing outstanding medical care and diagnostic services to patients throughout San Jose. We offer a variety of gastroenterology services, including endoscopic ultrasounds. These ultrasounds allow our San Jose gastroenterology doctors to view your esophagus and upper digestive tract, and diagnose any conditions that may be present.

If you have been referred to our team for an endoscopy, call our office at (408) 347-9001 and see if an ultrasound endoscopy is right for you.

Endoscopic Ultrasound Procedure

Ultrasound endoscopy procedures allow your doctor to obtain a view of your esophagus, stomach, pancreas, and bile ducts. These procedures can be accurate at diagnosing a variety of conditions and help identify complications that may not be visible based solely on symptoms alone.

San Jose Gastroenterology’s ultrasound endoscopy procedure may be performed as follows:

  • You will be placed under a light sedative while at San Jose Gastroenterology’s office.
  • A thin, flexible tube will be placed into the mouth and guided into the stomach or the small intestine.
  • At the end of the tube, there will be an ultrasound probe. The probe itself is the ultrasound device and it is capable of capturing images as it passes through your digestive tract.
  • The images are fed back to the technician’s monitor and are then reviewed by your doctor.
  • Some procedures take up to 40 minutes, but they are all out-patient procedures performed in-office.

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When you work with our team, you will be working with experienced and trusted San Jose gastroenterology doctors that always have your best interests in mind. We work hard to diagnose and treat any complications that may be found during the ultrasound, and we can recommend biopsies or removals of cysts, polyps, and other abnormalities.

For more information on how an endoscopic ultrasound may be right for you, call (408) 347-9001 today and schedule an appointment with our San Jose gastroenterologist doctors today.

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